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Dit zijn nagenoeg alle liedjes waar ik opnames van heb. De eerste opname stamt maar liefst uit 1987 !

I woke up in a dream where I woke up in a dream, where I woke up in a dream, where I fell  asleep.

Nobody seems to know where this dream may go 2x

There is no destination going somewhere is for squares but I don't think that it's fair and so it goes.

Nobody seems to know where this dream may go 2x


Bb, G# mineur

Before the first round and without any sound she went down.

She went down


Gm, F

You are town I am at home.
You dance with friends I'm doing my thing.
And while you dance with friends dance with friends. I'm doing my thing.
I'm doin my thing yes and while you dance with friends yeah I am doing my thing yeah


F, Dm

When I'm awake I'm so fucking bored
So I fly away to  a different world


Am, G, F, G

Today I'm gonna say to you
All the things that I'm going to do
All the things that are out of range
But today these things will change


I woke up on a sunny day the sky was clear but my head was grey.
I took my pills with beer and then I laid down own my ear singing:

I wanna go to nowhere else but here
I wanna go to nowhere else

I wanna go to nowhere else but here
I wanna go to nowhere else


G, C

As a walk in the street and there is nothing to see.
 And in the way that I meet there is nothing


Am, F, Dm, G

Baby I told you when you went out for more.
Baby I warned you now I opened the I''ll close and you will never look back and try to feel remorse but when I look into your empty eyes my feelsing are so poor.

Baby I told you


G, Bm, Am, D

When I'm feeling blue
You know how to ease me
And I don't know how you
Make it seem so easy

I was waiting for you all my life
I'm not saying this just tonight
And If you want to stay here baby
Everything's allright


G, C, G


Am, G, Am, G, Am, D, Em, C, D, G

From the moment I loved you I knew it was'nt just a fase.
Illegal romance in every possible way.
I still remember the times holding hands in the shade. With all the eyes stare at us we did'nt give a damn those days.
Those days

Somethings are so strong you can feel it deep inside. It's dripping from your fingertips so it's impossible to hide. So I tried to wear gloves, people could not read my hands but it's so fucking suspecious man in a room full of friends

I will never forget, I will never, never regret and I jus want to say; I'll always remember those days hey

Those days


G, Em, C, D


C, D

I wrote this song for all my facebookfriends. I wrote this song for you. I hope you like it. I hope you do. I wrote this song for you


C, Em, F, G, F, G, C, Am, F, G, C

1. Ik ben de kaas, Ik ben de kaas, Ik ben de kaas.

Vergeten, vergeten

2. I forgot the cheese, please forgive me

3. Je raad het al, het is gelukt. Hij is binnen. Jong belegen, 48 plus, 6 euro per stuk. (en dan nu het slechte nieuws)

Ik ben het brood het broodnodige brood, ik ben het brood vergeten.

Do you hate all white people ?

I don't think that's a fair question

Opnames uit 1987